Do I really need professional hair and makeup for my shoot?

Everyone should seriously consider having professional makeup services provided. When you walk on set, you have been in a professional’s make-up chair, always, men included. Makeup for the real world, and makeup for high-resolution cameras, under professional lighting, are not the same. The camera sees everything. Sweating equals retouching. Under eyes frequently want a little help. Light color correction, evening of skin tone is often needed.  Look through my site, most, but not everyone chose professional makeup, and I’m confident you can spot those who did not.  I do my best to correct what I can, but heavy eyeliner, or uneven application, non-professional products that cover unevenly, exaggerated mascara, powder that shows in close up, all avoidable with professional application.

Our professional make-up artist also touches you up between looks, a valuable, often under appreciated service. This helps reduce the need for more extensive retouching. You’re investing in the highest quality photographs; invest the small additional amount to look your best.

The goal here isn’t to make you look different, or all glammed up, unless we’re doing a glamorous look. Our makeup artists work on set in film and television, bring a kit that costs several thousand dollars, and have the experience to help you look your best, specifically on camera.

Ladies, being skilled at your daily makeup is not the same as makeup for shooting professional headhsots. Because you can do a great job before an audition, or create killer smoky eyes for a dinner party, does not equate to the years of experience our camera trained makeup artist will bring to your shoot. Your makeup products, base and powder are likely not designed for High Definition photography. Makeup frozen in time by a still camera is scrutinized in vastly different ways that what you wear in person, moving, in real life.

The application of eyeliner and mascara are particularly critical, since our work is focused on your eyes. We’re not going to make you look different; we’re going to work with you to make you look your natural best for camera.

The same goes for hair. If you’re uncertain if you need that service, you almost certainly do. If you were to see the difference between doing your own hair, and what our stylist does, you wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Candidly, I have had shoots where the person opted out of makeup and or hair. If I was even a little bit cruel, I’d post examples, but I’m not, and I won’t. I assure you, those folks did not look their best, despite my greatest efforts. And they required extensive retouching after the shoot.

A couple of tips:

Avoid sunburn, particularly before your shoot. If you show up with red skin, we may have to reschedule your shoot, and there is a fee associated. Make sure that your face is clean when you arrive for your shoot, so that the makeup artist can make the best use of time. If there is anything the makeup artist should know about, such as sensitive skin or allergies to certain products, please be sure to let them know.

Gentlemen, if you’re planning to shave during the shoot, please have a fresh blade for your razor, and aftershave/moisturizer to calm skin down. Razor burn equals retouching.

If you use eye-whitening drops, please do so, and bring them with you. Red eyes equals, you guessed it, retouching.

Male or female, if you opt not to have professional makeup as part of your shoot, you must speak with the photographer before your shoot day. We are dedicated to providing you the very best results, which is why we’re so passionate about this.

Geoffrey Donne