Seeing is believing. Believing leads to buying.

We are the choice of AIG, The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Republic Investments, and numerous others. Our mission is to create superior business portraits and memorably convey essentials about your company story. We empower you to bring a higher level of photography to your brand. From edgy and forward looking, to traditional and conservative, customers and colleagues look to pictures first and foremost to form connections, to make choices, to create trust. We specialize in all aspects of visual storytelling, setting us apart from the competition. We will convey the unique strength and competence of your people through our photography.

Packages start at $450 (includes retouches and digital proofs)

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“What a tremendous value. Not only did the quality of Geoffrey Donne Photography's images improve the professionalism of our website, but boosted morale at the same time. Highly recommend, their photographers worked well with our staff, the process was quick, the results are truly excellent.”

Doug Tymins
President and CEO, AIG Global Real Estate


Your corporate headshots have one job: to connect with your audience, to allow viewers to feel as though they are sitting right across from you. This impact is designed before your session even begins, and every choice we make is driven by that essential mission: to create rapport with a viewer.

Professional business headshots have a singular mission: to convey confidence, approachability, and core competence. Your professional corporate photographer must set you apart from your competition, and create a feeling of “I like this person, I could trust this person, I would do business with this person,” all at your potential customer’s first glance. Business people aren’t usually comfortable with the photography process, so right up front, my skills focus on putting them at ease, creating a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

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Everyone wants to look great, and most people are used to the nightmarish pictures we all get at the brutal hands of the DMV, or a rough shoot during a corporate portrait or personal branding session. A good headshot requires a professional photographer, but truly comes to life in the hands of the best headshot photographers, who are expert at both the technical aspects of this art form, and at taking the stiffness and formality out of the process. That occurs only with trust, and authentic trust is earned. That’s why I meet, in person, with every single client I shoot. If I’m photographing an office with multiple staff members, I make it a point to visit on a scouting trip before the shoot is scheduled, and stop by to say “hello” to as many of the staff as time and schedules allow. Even that brief, informal first meeting can foster the beginnings of comfort and trust, so on shoot day, I’m not a complete stranger pointing a camera at you.

Choosing a business headshot photographer is a challenge, usually left to one person who is quickly inundated with choices on the web. There is a huge range of professional portrait photography pricing and styles, and everyone in this field is highly competitive. Separating the “wanna-be’s” from the real professionals you can afford on budget is daunting. It’s challenging to balance cost with return on investment. After Google searches of “Best corporate headshot photographer in Los Angeles” and similar, you’ll likely narrow the field based on price and portfolio, then search for past clients who have trusted that professional photographer with their business.

There are however, a few crucial steps that may not seem so obvious. Assuming the photographer’s portfolio demonstrates a high level of skill, I urge you to meet the photographer in person before booking them, no matter how appealing they seem on their website or on the phone. In person you can judge so many variables that really are ephemeral online. How are their people skills? How do they present themselves? Will you be comfortable introducing them to upper management? Do they understand your corporate culture, branding and marketing needs in depth? Are they asking probative, intelligent questions likely to foster your desired outcome, or are you being fit into a cookie cutter template they use for all their clients? Are they asking to meet with your marketing or public relations leadership?

It is also important to ask about permissible uses for the images they create for you. Copyright technicalities are nuanced and complex in this arena. You may have the rights to use the images on your company website, but what about for other forms of promotion? Printed media? A promotional video? It there a time limit on multi-media usage? Do they offer a discount if staff is added later and you need to matching image styles? Please feel free to contact me at the GDP Studio, and I’ll happily go over an additional list of questions created from the photographer’s end, which may be invaluable to you as you vet potential business headshot photographers.