Creating effective actor headshots is a specialized art form, and the best headshot photographers have spent years developing their demanding craft. A professional photographer can offer their services in actor headshot photography by simply advertising, but a good headshot isn’t nearly enough to command a Casting Director’s attention. A shooter offering headshots in Los Angeles may be excellent at creating a solid corporate portrait, or have a well known name as a celebrity photographer, but working with actors in an organic, specific, and effective way that delivers career impacting results, really is a niche form of specialty.

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Posing for a great portrait has little to do with actor headshot photography, which requires the photographer to confidently direct both the physical and emotional performance, to make it feel effortless, charismatic, natural, and intimately personal. Actor headshots are reviewed by Casting Directors daily, 50 to 100 images at a time, for only seconds a piece, at the size of postage stamps on a screen. The requirement of this art form is that the headshot be so strong technically, that it pops out from that sea of other images even when it’s tiny, so connected and personalized emotionally, that the viewer’s attention is grabbed and held long enough for them to become curious about the subject, and want to see more. Then they enlarge the image to view it at full size, and the battle is halfway won. Only then does the full power of the best actor headshots come to life, and create an opportunity for the actor to be called in to read for a project.

A major element of the actor headshot process which sets my work apart from my competitors, is my casting, branding and marketing experience. This is useful for veteran performers, and invaluable for relative newcomers. First, we explore how to meaningfully prepare for your shoot as an actor, using the same foundational techniques you put into practice on set. This is based upon your unique casting and the “looks” we decide upon.

I have auditioned as an actor thousands of times, and likewise, auditioned many actors for various projects I have been involved in. I have sat in on casting sessions, and been involved in hundreds of studio marketing campaigns, for both feature films and television projects. It’s a fascinating journey, from viewing a headshot, to being called in to audition, to actually booking a role, but it all starts with an unstoppable headshot . All my experience is brought to your pre-shoot consultation, which is involved, in depth and imperative to the outcome. We analyze your competition, the types of shows you are “right” for, and are targeting, we craft wardrobe and style choices not around fads or the flavor of the month, but around the styles and looks of your targeted shows and productions. We discuss the process of building relationships with Agents and Casting Directors utilizing your images via social media, and myriad other paths to launching or enhancing your career.

There are thousands of top headshot photographers in Los Angeles, and finding “the best headshot photographer” for you is a challenging and totally subjective choice every actor must make. It can take several tries, with several headshot professionals, before you finally find your collaborative partner, the person who truly connects with you, and draws out your very best. Take your time, review portfolios carefully, and then talk with the photographer, in person if they’ll accommodate that. Chemistry, connection, rapport, are all key elements of this process.

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“Geoffrey Donne’s work is exceptional. I know some of the actors he has photographed and he has captured their best expressions and looks. I recommend Geoffrey Donne Photography.”

Judy Milrad, Dayton-Milrad-Chow Management


On location, during a pre-shoot preparation for an “In Character” group headshot session set in 18th Century France.

On location, during a pre-shoot preparation for an “In Character” group headshot session set in 18th Century France.

Your headshot has one job: to connect with your audience, to cause the viewer to feel as though they are sitting across from you. This impact is designed before your session even begins, and every choice we make is driven by that essential mission: to create memorable rapport with a viewer.