You are not like everyone else. Your headshot shouldn't look like everyone else's. To succeed you must stand apart from the sea of competition. My approach is different from most photographers, designed entirely around you and your unique journey. Every actor headshot session begins with a personal casting and branding consultation, in depth and in person, customized for newcomers and veterans alike. I approach photography from the perspective of sitting on both sides of the casting table, working on both sides of the lens. I draw from my award-winning directing, acting and cinematography experiences, empowering me to create a dynamic, highly personal and creative environment that inspires the best in my clients. -- Geoffrey Donne

Award-winning Los Angeles portrait photographer, with a focus on actor headshots, business headshots, executive portraits, corporate headshots, professional portrait photography, and social media portraits, for LinkedIn, Facebook, and personal branding.

Actor headshots are sometimes underestimated, dismissed as a niche part of the Hollywood casting machine, some kind of glamorous vanity indulgence. We know that in fact, the best actor headshots are the tip of your marketing spear, the first crucial point of connection between you and the casting professionals looking for actors to hire. Even the people recognized as the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles, who create beautiful imagery, often have no real expertise in acting headshots. Your headshot must stand in for you, represent and encompass your presence, charisma and talent, powerfully enough to demand attention, and cause people to want to meet you. I use many techniques to create such images, to create opportunities for you, and further your career. Excellent lighting, specific composition and framing, color and style choices, background selection, contrast of highlights and shadows, all are part of the technical demands. Then there’s the most essential element… you.