In Character

“In Character” shoots uniquely set you apart from ordinary submissions, and grab the viewer’s attention.  Created to accompany a traditional headshot, these are studio quality tools, produced as though you are ALREADY a leading performer or recurring star on a major project.

“In Character” shoots show Casting Directors, Producers and Directors promotional quality images that place you center stage in the world of their project.

Packages start at $495 (includes retouches and digital proofs)

Wardrobe and location fees are not included.

Contact the studio for details and your complimentary consultation.


Your headshot has one job; to connect with your audience, to cause the viewer to feel as though they are sitting across from you. This impact is specifically crafted before your session begins, and every choice we make is driven by that essential mission: to create powerful rapport between you and your audience."In Character" shots are created as we would shoot a promotional still package for a studio, and often are used very effectively, in submissions, accompanying a traditional actor headshot.

“In Character” shoot for a Vietnam Series

“In Character” shoot for a Vietnam Series

You know you belong in the cast of a specific show you love, genre shows like HBO’s “Westworld,” Amazon’s new “Carnival Row,” Starz “Outlander,” or similar. How can you effectively and professionally set yourself apart and be noticed among the hundreds of thousands of actor submissions? “In Character” shoots combine the marketing and branding power of professional portrait photography, the impact of a celebrity photographer, the storytelling versatility and on-brand casting appeal of the very best actor headshot photography.

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These shoots utilize both location and studio photography, and period-specific or heavily stylized wardrobe and props, all carefully art directed to support the star(s) of the shoot as the focus of the images. I bring my background as a cinematographer into play, and we create photographs as if you had booked the leading role on a major series or feature film. Publicity photography and promotional stills, created by a professional photographer for stars, and used by the major studios, is the final result. Such images can accompany a traditional actor headshot in a submission for a specific show, and be utilized on IMDB profiles, actor websites, and promotional materials for agents and Casting Directors. This impactful content empowers you to stand apart from your competition, as well as making it easy for the decision makers on any project to envision you on their show.

The investment in such a shoot can easily be spread across several participating actors , combining resources, all involved in the same session and supporting one another, reducing the individual cost to any one performer. We have long-standing relationships with several superb costume rental houses, who offer us special rates and discounts. Several actors collaborating on an “In Character” shoot also allows us greater freedom when it comes to locations, which are often surprisingly affordable, when carefully scouted.

Los Angeles is rich with amazing locations, some of which can be used for still shoots at surprisingly reasonable cost, and some of which are free. We have a professional makeup and hair staff who are expert in period and genre specific styles, as they regularly work on such productions. The resulting imagery has a meaningful impact on Casting Directors: it’s impossible to be lost in a screen-full of images, when your shots look like they came from a major set. “In Character” images also create the subtle impression that you’ve been hired before, and have been on-set in a similar production. Your images will also demonstrate a sophisticated level of commitment and professionalism in your marketing efforts. This work is the extreme opposite end of the spectrum from the painfully cheesy “in-costume” shots of actors wearing lab coats, low quality police uniforms, and cowboy hats of the past. Such images are obviously a huge “no-no” in today’s entertainment industry.

So what’s your targeted show? We will create images that reflect that production’s aesthetic, without directly copying any specific influence. “In Character” shoots are one of my greatest pleasures to produce and create with actors, and the results always recieve a terrific response. The only limit really is imagination. Even if your ambitious idea seems totally out of reach, with resourcefulness and creativity, we can and will make it happen.