Vanity Fair style contemporary portraits including beauty, glamor, personal branding, families, and generations.

Elegance, as a state of being.

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Your portrait has a primary purpose.beyond the aesthetic; to connect with whomever is viewing it, to move them, to cause the viewer to feel as though they are sitting right across from you, drawn into the image with you. This effect is carefully crafted before your session even begins, and every choice we make is driven by that artistic mission: to create rapport with a viewer, to ellicit an emotional response they will always remember, and to capture you as you have always dreamed of being photographed.

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Portraits, your dream…

…into reality.

Professional portrait photography is a highly personal art form. Sitting for a professional portrait photographer is an intimate and empowering experience. Your portrait session with me is a chance to become a celebrity for a day, to manifest your fantasy of choice, and to feel beautiful, handsome, authentically yourself. You may desire a portrait to commemorate a special occasion, family event, or to capture an important moment in your life, or that of a loved one. Just as importantly, you may want to have the experience for its own sake, to feel what it is to be confident and empowered before the lens.

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You may want something stunning to transfer to canvas, destined to be elegantly framed and displayed several feet tall over your fireplace. You may desire something striking to use as a dating profile portrait like no other, to commemorate a fitness achievement, or to celebrate a special occasion, a birthday or wedding anniversary. There is no “right way” to create a portrait, you need not follow anyone’s rules nor fit into a limiting box of any kind. The most essential question to consider is "“how do you dream of being photographed?” Do you desire something in the style of a legendary portrait photographer, such as Annie Leibovitz, whose famous artistic portraits grace the cover and pages of Vanity Fair? Or perhaps something more edgy and contemporary, like a classic Sports Illustrated, G.Q.,or beauty magazine cover? Is there a period fantasy or the look of a favorite film you’d like to step into?

The key in choosing your portrait photographer is driven by their portfolio, the value their images provide for you, and how they make you feel. Yes, I said feel, because having trust and great rapport with such an artist will have a major impact on the outcome of your shoot. This is a collaborative art form at its best, and we will utilize mood boards (images sourced elsewhere as inspiration) and images from any source which inspires you, to visualize ideas that appeal to you, to design and craft your session beforehand.

We are here to create with you. That is our reason for being. Your portrait is ultimately about you, your vision, your fantasy, your moment to create with a professional portrait photographer. Far beyond a good headshot, corporate headshots, or even the superb work of the best headshot photographers, here there are truly no rules, no “guidelines” to adhere to, no one’s expectations but your own. We create from the ideals of your aesthetic, your dreams visually manifested, and appearing as you’ve always imagined.

We bring the technique and expertise, you bring your willingness to play, to be almost childlike in your freedom from expectations, and together we will create something magnificent, that will be treasured for generations to come.